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1932, you just won a Mansion in a card game. However the place is Haunted by a Weeping woman known to locals as Llorona.

A classic Mexican Folk tale comes to life in this Horror Game. Solve the mystery of a Haunted Mansion known as 'La Quinta' and the Ghost of a Weeping woman that wanders the property.

Winner of the Best overall game in the Unidos Game Jam 2020


The Real History behind this Project
This Game is based on the Famous mexican folk tale of La Llorona (pronounced Yorona for non-spanish speakers) as well as some local stories of Northern Mexico and the mexican Revolution. The House is based on 'La Quinta Touche' A Mansion located in Northern Mexico that is said to be Haunted, was actually build on top of a Graveyard, the Owner lost in a card game and it also became a Hospital during the Revolution.

For all this reasons the mansion is called the House of Tears by the locals.

As a fan of ghost stories I got inspiration from both the House and The legend of Llorona to develop this game, as well as some local folk tales and stories from the mexican revolution.

Most of the pictures and decoration around the house are actual pictures from the mexican revolution, as well as religious imagery and pictures and textures taken from Pascualita, a famous mexican haunted mannequin that legend says is actually an embalmed woman who died just before her wedding, now waiting for her groom eternally, and because of this Pascualita has been seen by many moving by itself.

An interesting fact about the mannequin is that locals don't actually fear her, but they actually respect her and have a lot of love for her. For this reason locals refer to her as "The most beautiful bride in Chihuahua".



1932, Ganaste una Mansión en un juego de cartas. Sin embargo el lugar se encuentra embrujado por una mujer conocida por los locales como La Llorona.

La leyenda mexicana cobra vida en este juego de terror. Resuelve el misterio de la Mansión embrujada conocida como  'La Quinta' el de la mujer que llora y deambula por las noches.

La historia real detrás del Proyecto. 

El juego se baso en la famosa leyenda mexicana de la Llorona asi como historias del Norte de México y la revolución mexicana. La casa esta basada en 'La Quinta Touche' una mansión del Norte de México que se dice embragada y que realmente fue construida sobre un cementerio, el dueño perdió en un juego de cartas y ademas fue hospital durante la revolución mexicana. Por todas estas razones se le conoce a la mansión como 'la casa de las lagrimas.


Personalmente como fanático de las historias de fantasmas, tome inspiración de la casa y de la leyenda de la Llorona para desarrollar este juego. La mayoría de las fotos y decoración de la casa son de hecho fotografías de la revolución, ademas de imágenes religiosas y fotos y texturas tomadas de Pascualita,  un famoso Maniquí embrujado cuya la leyenda cuenta que es en realidad el cuerpo embalsamado de una mujer que murió antes de su boda, quedando así condenada a esperar a su novio eternamente y por esa razón Pascualita ha sido vista moverse por si sola por mucha gente.

Interesante es que al maniquí lejos de asustar a los locales, le tienen mucho respeto y cariño, tanto que le apodan 'la novia mas bonita te Chihuahua'.

Credits and special thanks:
Voice actors:
Reno Appletree as Llorona and Children voices
ig: reno_reindeer
Pablo Acosta as Father Guzman

Most 3d models are made by myself, and some where taken from opengameart.com under CC licenses. Still want to give credit to the following users:
Enetheru, TiZiana, Ulf and solvalou.

Special thanks to NyuuHaffu for helping me out spell checking.

Special thanks to Reno Appletree (reno_reindeer ) for being an awesome voice actress.

And Special thanks to my buddy Pablo Acosta for helping me out with audio and recordings.

Developed by gamedevboi, Have fun!

If you enjoyed the game and want to show support follow me on my socials and say hi:

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ig: gamedevboi_
twitter: @gamedevboi
yt: Gamedevboi


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very good llorona representation! great scares and puzzles also :)


Had a lot of fun with the scares in this game. Interesting lore and cool puzzle elements :) 


---Definitely my favorite Llorona game so far. Love the VHS style and the puzzles. Also, this is the only Llorona story that has actually made me feel sorry for her! Kudos ^_^

---Definamente mi juego favorite de Llorona hasta ahora. Me encanta el stylo de VHS y los acertijos. ¡Tambien, este es el cuento unico que me ha hecho sentir pena pare ella! ¡Buenisimo!

Awesome! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks a lot for playing :) 


No problem! Thank you for sharing your creation ^_^ I really enjoyed it


Great Game!

(2 edits) (+1)

This game was good while I was playing it (I think I almost finished it) and the retro style is cool, I like retro games! That was until I heard noises from the game while my laptop was muted (volume was off) and I got scared and deleted the game, i'm sorry!


I don't know why but the audio scared the fuk out of me

That was such a good short game! I loved it :D

Thanks for playing! I hope I managed to scare you a little :D


That mannequin picture is fucking scary

XD I know!


Such a good use of the lore, great game! No Commentary


Gamedevboi, this game right here was amazing I want to say personally good work on the developments and I would like to try more of your games

Thanks a lot I'm glad you enjoyed! Stay tuned, I'm publishing a new game next month ;)


Gracias por el juego y basarte en una de las muchas leyendas mexicanas. Es realmente chido que el folclore mexicano sea tomado en cuenta en los videojuegos. Cuando tenga un dinero extra ten por seguro que te apoyaré.

Gracias por el apoyo! Te agradezco mucho que hayas jugado y que lo disfrutes! Un abrazo


Very well done game!👍 Mac M1 Gameplay!


Loved the game and the feeling


¡Muy buen juego! Me encantó la ambientación y el doblaje. Di algunos saltos mientras jugaba jaja. Asociar los palos de las barajas a las puertas fue muy buena idea, así es más fácil saber adonde ir. Y al final tenía más sentido aún porque perdió la casa jugando al poker (PLOTWIST).

Buen sucesor 'espiritual' de tu entrega a la GBJam (fue una de las que más me llamó de esa jam). La única pega es que tiene algunas faltas de ortografía, pero no empañan el resultado final. ¡Buen trabajo!

Muchas gracias por jugar! Que gusto que lo hayas disfrutado! :)


What a nice short beauty. Thanks!

You're user name is epic!

Your video game is epic!

3 Arms XD other than that great game.

I liked the game a lot dude, had lots of fun playing it.

Quite a fun little game. Really nice use of tension and atmospherics to keep the game flow going.

LA Llorona The Weeping Woman.Is This a Real Story.Also This Game Is Definitely Has The Element To Spook You😅😅


I had a lot of fun with this! I'm really glad you decided to not go the route of chase scenes, as I feel like that would've ruined it. Just good creepy ambiance and perfect amount of jump scares! Keep it up!

Love The Game And Also The Jump Scares😅😅😅

LA Llorona Game.The Weeping Woman Is Angry 👇👇👇


love the ps1 style grafix, good job!

Got to play your game on my channel, it was interesting. akthough there were a lot of reading to do but worth it.good job!

Hey! I included your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 23:24, and if you decide to watch it, hope you enjoy it! Cheers!


Nice! Thank you for featuring my game man! Really appreciate it! 


Tried out the game, good work.

Thank you for playing! I actually found interesting some of the feedback you give in the video and I'm taking it to account for the next project :) 

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks! Not gona lie, I enjoy when people get scared :P Glad you liked it! 

Al chile, te quedo bien perrón el juego. Nunca había visto tanta calidad en el audio latino.

Gracias Bro! La verdad si hice énfasis en el audio y contrate a un amigo ing. De audio para grabar algunas cosas. Que bueno que lo notarás.


This was a great game, creepy vibes and the scares got me a few time! Look forward to more of your work

Thank you for playing! Stay tuned for the next one, I'm working on it! 


Девушка сказала неочень игра 0 из 1


Fun game, mang. My homie and had a blast playing it. Great work! 

Thanks a lot for playing! Glad to hear you had a blast!


Buendardo 😎


Great game, but I honestly wish it was with modern day graphics; I think that would be SUPER scary! I mean, who doesn't know about La Llorona? Or any other forms of her... The White Lady...

Anyway, skip to 15:46 for my gameplay. I jumped a few times lol.


Thanks for featuring me in your video :) 


Pretty enjoyable game. A few chuckles here and a couple creepy moments All - in -  All good job. Hope to see more  :)

Thanks for featuring my game! 


No Problem. GG

(1 edit) (+1)

tremendo juego me lleve varios sustos XD

felicidades a su creador(a) sin dudas un juego disfrutable

si quieres apoyar mi canal te lo agradecería mucho :D

soy nuevo en la plataforma

Muchas gracias por jugar. Me gusto mucho tu vídeo, esta muy bien editado y me reí bastante haha

De nada y gracias uwu


Enjoyed the game!

Thanks glad you enjoyed! 


Awesome game! Ya sure got me with them jumpscares!

Thank you for featuring my game! I'm glad you liked it!


This is a pretty cool game, I love the graphics, it looks exactly like a ps1 or ps2 game. I never grew up with this story like the Hispanic community did but I found the story very interesting. The only issue with the game I had was figuring out what to do with the cards. (kinda spoilers) The item in question never looked, to me at least, like something to interact with so I was stuck for over 20 minutes running around until I just watched someone elses video to figure it out


I really, really enjoyed this game!

It has a really great atmosphere, and really spooked me out. I really enjoyed the fact that it was based on a real folklore, which was entertaining and quite educational reading through the itch page.
And of course, I love PSX aesthetics, so this game was a home run for me, well done!

Here's my gameplay for anyone interested:

Thanks for playing. I saw your video first on reddit lol, I leaved a comment in your video :) 


Loved the game! PSX style is always appreciated and the atmosphere was way more tense than typical indie horror fare.

Thanks for playing I hope you enjoyed it!

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